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Prepare smoked foods and smoked meats with our selection of Landmann BBQ smokers, charcoal grills, smoker grills, vertical smokers, and electric meat smokers. Whether you are looking for a charcoal grill for your backyard or patio, a smoker with a compact space saving design for your apartment or condo, or you just want a smoker to compliment your gas grill, we have a great selection of affordable smokers and BBQ grills for everyone. 

Try cooking your meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, and more in a smoker for an authentic, savory, and real smoke flavour at home and enjoy the ultimate outdoor cooking backyard barbecue experience. 

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Landmann 26 inch Electric Smoker Cover - Black
  • Qty avail.: 48
Landmann Vista Charcoal Grill Cover - Grey
  • Qty avail.: 7
Landmann Vista Grill Cover - Grey
  • Landmann Vista Grill Cover - Grey
  • Landmann
  • Code: LM150137 (150137)
  • Protect your product from the elements, we’ve got you covered!  A full-length durable cover protects your product, top to bottom, from whatever...
  • Qty avail.: 10
Mr. Bar-B-Q BBQ Stone Cleaner
  • Qty avail.: 8
Mr. Bar-B-Q Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips
  • Qty avail.: 37
Mr. Bar-B-Q White Wine Barrel Smoking Chips
  • Qty avail.: 14